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Frequently Asked Questions About Costs

Frequently Asked Questions About Costs

Self-pay patients without insurance should expect to pay approximately $145 for a moderate complexity examination/treatment on the initial consultation. Typical office visits for subsequent care average between $55-125 depending on the amount of active care rehabilitation performed in addition to joint adjustments/manipulation. A typical acute treatment plan for low back pain, for example would be approximately 3 weeks of 30 minute ($95 average) treatment and rehabilitation for a semi-complicated case then once the fire is put out, follow-up supportive 15 minutes are approximately $55. Our ultimate goal is to prevent your situation from happening again.

We are providers for many carriers  including all auto insurances and many health insurance carriers. If we are a non-contracted provider for your particular insurance company, we will be competitive as an out-of-network provider (ie competitive out of pocket cost due to less number of treatments, more comprehensive experienced care).

We charge our out of network patient's using HSA accounts the same fee schedule as our in network contracts and prompt pay/self pay patients so you will not be penalized for seeing us out of network.Understand in most cases insurance carriers place restrictions on providers in network where they cannot provide the care every case needs and in network care is not always the same as out of network care. An example, BCBS will only cover manipulation in network...if you need core stability therapeutic exercise, in network chiropractors will NOT provide it even if necessary resulting in higher overall copay costs because your recovery requires more office visits.

Does every new patient need xrays?
We only x-ray cases involving recent significant trauma, neurological symptoms like sciatica or numbness into hands, recent history of malignancy, or in cases that have demonstrated failure to respond to care at other clinics. Our spinal hygiene cases are may receive an xray approx. once every 5 years to document the positive impacts of regular spinal hygiene on the disk spaces and facet joints. Our average use of x-ray examination on all new cases is around 30%. Average cost for a 3 view cervical for a self pay patient is around $65.

Can I use my HSA account for care even if you may not be a provider for my insurance carrier?
Yes, absolutely and we charge our HSA account using our self pay discount without the markup and layers of administrative fat seen in hospital based care. You don't have to see clinics that use less experienced providers and physical therapy assistants or who let insurance carriers make them treat patients with lowest up front cost (to insurance carrier) and highest long term costs (for patient) practices. Take control of your families health. We can manage a case of disk herniation/sciatica or meniscus tear of the knee for around $400 for care and $500 for MRI at one of our partner imaging centers. Ask your local hospital based neurosurgeon what their costs are on the average for a like workup and management!

I got rear ended by someone last week and have horrible headaches. Will my health insurance cover care at you office? Do I need a prescription to see either chiro or PT?
Yes, health insurance would but it's not necessary and also has limitations that your auto medpay coverage does not like what providers you can see.  No, you don't need a prescription to see us. Dr. Rodgers provides prescription following examination for PT care. 

90% of Coloradan's have a Med Pay benefit on their own auto insurance that costs them a measly $5/month that covers most treatment for injuries sustained in an auto accident until your case settles with the at fault party. By statute, your own premiums will not go up because you have to file a medpay claim in addition to the property damage claim for your vehicle damage. Your own insurance agency may not entirely understand this and we hear misinformation on the topic of medpay benefits more often than not.

You do not need an attorney to begin care and only half of our cases need an attorney at all. We'd be happy to recommend a reputable attorney should the complexity of your injuries require such.

Do you do these $1500 prepaid treatment plans for chiropractic care?
No, we do not and are professionally opposed to clinics that do. If your migraine headaches require 6 treatments in our experience to stabilize, that's exactly what we prescribe.  Our patients are all given guidance on long term preventative strategies but we recognize some patients just want the fire department while others want the fire mitigation team. We offer both options once the fire is put out we provide discounted "Wellness 6 Pack" cards for patients who recognize that fire mitigation has lower annual costs than 4 fires per year. Read our organic reviews since 2001. Need we say more?

Can I see the physical therapist without a seeing an orthopedist or my family doctor?
Yes, absolutely. Dr. Rodgers or staff physicians will confirm the diagnosis during a focused exam and then write order for physical therapy, diagnostic imaging etc. If your case needs referral to an orthopedist or neurosurgeon, we perform necessary imaging and pre-hab prior to that consult so whatever you decide how to best manage your case, you can at least say you exhausted all non surgical options prior to having that consult. So many cases start with the surgeon and their expertise is exactly that...the surgical management of your condition. Start with the experts in the non surgical management of your condition who can pick the best surgeon for your case if necessary.

I was injured on the job last week. Can I see your clinic or do I have to see my employers designated examiner physician?
Yes, you can see us first but you also need to report the injury to your employer ASAP usually within 24 hours of the injury. We can stabilize your case and then provide a treatment plan to you to bring when you get scheduled with your employer designated examiner who will usually provide you with a script to see us although that physician remains your case manager regarding work restrictions etc. In Colorado, you can see any provider you choose for care but you must see the employer designated examiner at some point to provide us with a script. You do NOT need a script to see  us initially, just to complete our treatment plan. We handle all of the billing for you behind the scenes. Remind the employer designated examiner you have a choice in who you see as they will certainly prefer to not refer you outside of their clinic to a provider who puts your clinical needs ahead of your employers needs unfortunately.


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