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Free Auto Whiplash Consultation Offer


Mentioning this promotion entitles you to a 1 hour free auto whiplash consult with Dr. Rodgers or Dr. Thomm. We will discuss common causes and treatment of the delayed symptoms including headaches, dizziness, neck stiffness , light phobia, low back pain,  intolerance of sitting at your workstation, difficulty sleeping, and cognitive challenges with multitasking in the weeks following an acceleration or deceleration injury. Treatment option including both physical therapy and chiropractic care will be discussed. 

Most Coloradoans receive care at our clinic with no out-of-pocket costs and no attorney. Most auto policies are required to have a Medical Payments Benefit that covers the first $5000 or greater in medical expenses 1) regardless of who was at fault and 2) regardless if you were the owner of the vehicle or driver 3) does not require you need an attorney and 4) does not cause your rates to go up or be cancelled per Colorado law. When your settle with the at fault party, you will be made whole by the at fault party but your own medpay policy is primary and will take care of initial treatment costs regardless of fault. Many insurance agency support staff do not understand Colorado collision law regarding medical payments coverage and may tell you to only file a claim with the at fault carrier. INCORRECT.

Have questions? We've got answers and can guide you start to finish.

Whiplash injuries are most responsive if examined within 3 weeks of impact and we get auto cases in the next day upon you contacting us for a free consultation. We handle all coordination with insurance carriers (both yours and the at fault party) including your own agent so you can focus on getting your quality of life back!

Call us today and ask about our free auto whiplash consultation!

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